Japanese Expat Recommends 5 Best Japanese Restaurants

Hi, I am Japanese who lived in Osaka and Tokyo before coming to London.
In recent years, there are many restaurants in London, called Japanese restaurant. However, it is not real Japanese one and taste is completely different.
Since I would love you to enjoy real Japanese taste, I recommend 5 real fantastic Japanese restaurants to you.

Eat Tokyo

Eat Tokyo is a Japanese Izaka-ya style restaurant. Sushi is really fresh and dedicated. Taste is much similar to Tsukiji which is a famous place for largest fish market. Moreover, Eat Tokyo offers Bento-style food (Fried Chicken Bento, Unagi-don(Eel bowl), Chicken-Katsu Bento, etc) which is like a Japanese common lunch. Price is much reasonable. You should be first choice when you look around Japanese restaurant.

Sushi Boat
Fried Chicken Bento


Location : Soho, Notting Hill Gate, Covent Garden, Hammersmith, Holborn.
Website : https://www.eattokyo.co.uk


This is Japanese-style BBQ. Our meat for BBQ is generally thick sliced steak. You can order and enjoy various parts of meat. It is self-baking style. Price is a little bit expensive but not too much.
They serves Japanese famous beer called Asahi beer. If you are crazy about beer, it is worth to try.

Location : Oxford Circus
Website : https://kintan.uk/



OKAN is OKONOMIYAKI restaurant at Brixton village.  OKONOMIYAKI is cultural and street food in Osaka. Osaka people often eat it for lunch and dinner. OKAN means Mother, which is usually called by Osaka people. OKAN serves YAKIYOBA as well. If you are in hurry, you can take away the food.





Location: Unit39, Brixton Village, London, SW9 8PR
Website: https://www.okanbrixtonvillage.com


Hachi is Japanese BBQ restaurant. It is really similar to Kintan but meats is higher quality and service is saphisticated . As price is fairly expensive, you definitely feel satisfied.

Location: 56 Brewer Street W1F 9TJ London, United Kingdom
Website: https://www.facebook.com/HachiJapaneseRestaurant/ (only Facebook page)


CoCo ICHIBANYA is Japanese curry restaurant chain. We call it CoCoichi. You can easily find this restaurant in main city. Japanese curry is not too much spicy. It is mild taste. Everyday there is long line but it is worth to wait for curry.

Location: 17-18 Great Newport Street, London WC2H 7JE
Website: https://ichibanya.uk